Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kiddo's Chores

I met someone today who was surprised that my little one (now, officially 3 years old) has regular chores. 

There are so many things I can say to that, but the bottom line is, my background as a teacher and special educator mean that I am all for teaching independence in areas that I can. 

Yes, I baby my little one and many people would say she's spoiled because she still sleeps with hubby & me most of the time, I still kiss booboos, I cuddle her when she asks...

But nevertheless, she still has responsibilities around the house. 

Here's what she is expected to do:
-feed the dog (we have a pre-measured scoop so no over- or under- feeding)
- put dirty clothes in her own hamper
- she is the designated salad-spinner
- clearing her own place from the table after meals/snacks

Now that she's three, we're going to add wiping the entire table after dinner, and "making" her bed. 

The bottom line parents (especially spoonie parents) is that we need to EXPECT our kids to contribute to household chores early on.  So many parents are over-worked and over-stressed because they do things for their children that the children can do for themselves-doing both ourselves and our children a disservice.

What chores do you make your little ones do? What is one task you can delegate to them to make your house run a little more smoothly? 



  1. My child is seven and a half and needs more chores, lots more. Thanks for this.